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New Tech To Treat Fracking and Oil & Gas Produced Wastewater Goes Global

A company started at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is poised to take its machines that clean water around the world. IX Power Clean Water, specializes in the manufacturing of portable and on-site machines for scrubbing and filtering the wastewater that is pulled from oil and gas wells. Research into new fracking wastewater treatment technologies is a hot arena right now because water scarcity is a pressing problem and the energy industry consumes a massive amount of water. Read more.




IX Water Blu integrated into New Mexico Governor's TRC project 

IX Water Blu March 14, 2016 -- IX Power Clean Water's new IX Blü technology for removing arsenic and other contaminants from water will be included as one of six projects in New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez's Technology Research Collaborative (TRC). Learn more.




LANL, NM Tech receive grant for IX Water Blü arsenic removal treatment

The grant funding comes from $400,000 the state Legislature approved last year for the Technology Research Collaborative, $300,000 of which was earmarked for targeted commercialization projects, said Patricia Knighten, director for the Economic Development Department’s Office of Science and Technology.  Read more.




Colorado Welcomes Use of IX Water Treatment Train for Oil & Gas

March 28, 2016 --  IX Power Clean Water granted certification to discharge contaminated water it treats using the IX Water OG  treatment train for produced water into Colorado surface waters.  Learn more.




U.S. Senator Pete Domenici Joins IX Power Clean Water Board of Directors

“The oil and gas industry alone spends more than $50 billion annually to have its wastewater trucked offsite and disposed of, either in reinjection wells or evaporation ponds,” said Domenici. “In this era of water scarcity, the approach by IX Power Clean Water holds great promise for water reuse for agriculture and industrial uses at dramatic cost savings.” Read more.



The Water Council Raising $5M Fund, Names IX Power Clean Water to Accelerator

The Water Council is raising a $5 million venture fund to take its water technology startup investments to the next level. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee organization announced the companies selected for its third session, beginning in the fall.   Read more.





Wastewater cleaning firm ready for takeoff

A company started from technology generated at Los Alamos National Laboratory is poised to take its machines that clean water around the world. The firm is called IX Power Clean Water and specializes in the design and manufacturing of portable and on-site machines for scrubbing and filtering the wastewater that is pulled from oil and gas wells. Read more.




Domenici Gives Boost to New Mexico clean water startup

The OrganiClear water-cleansing machine, which IX Power (pronounced “Nine Power”) began selling this year, can dramatically reduce costs for cleansing produced water compared with other technologies on the market while making the treated product clean enough for agricultural use, according to the company. Read more.




Pete Domenici joins the board of IX Power

Former senator Pete Domenici made a rare public appearance since his retirement to announce that he's joining the board of IX Power Clean Water.  Domenici, 83, who served six terms as a senator before retiring from office in 2009, was in good spirits at Technology Ventures Corp. on Thursday morning, where he made the announcement. IX Power's CEO John R. Grizz Deal also announced that the company is now selling its OrganiClear three-part water treatment systems. Read more.




Domenici Gives Boost to New Mexico clean water startup

OrganiClear radically reduces cleansing costs by avoiding traditional, energy-intensive treatment methods that remove only salts and heavy metals and don’t leave the water clean enough for agriculture, much less human consumption.  In contrast, OrganiClear aims to remove organic contaminants from water with very little energy. It relies on absorbent filters and micro-organisms developed by LANL that eat away organic compounds in dirty water. Read more.




IX Power proposes cleaner water from fracking

The oil business is really hampered by this water disposal problem,” said Gary Beers of Industrial Water Permitting and Recycling Consultants, LLC. “Historically, oil companies will tell you they are recycling 90 to 95 percent of their water. What they’re doing is their taking produced water out of their existing wells (and) moving it forward into well development.  Read more.




Los Alamos National Lab water cleaning tech launched next week

The technology, developed by LANL in collaboration with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology and the University of Texas, can make so-called produced water clean enough for agricultural use. And, unlike standard techniques, OrganiClear leaves no waste products behind. That represents a huge break from current technologies, which are energy-intensive and expensive. Those methods generally only filter out the most toxic elements from  dirty water for re-injection back underground, since the cleansed product usually isn’t clean enough for agriculture. Operators must also dispose of waste byproducts.  Read more.

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