Advanced Water Analysis Technology in a Mobile Lab                                for Short to Long-term Field Deployment

The MWL Mark I is the only commercial system that builds on years of U.S. national laboratory experience, as well as conforming to U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for laboratory capabilities to respond to drinking water contamination,

At the request of our industrial and government partners, IX Power has taken its deep experience in water chemistry, analysis, and treatment, together with our relevant disaster and military training, to create a robust and sophisticated 

Mobile Water Laboratory.
The IX Power Clean Water MWL Mark I is designed for a wide variety of water analysis, from community water systems to post-disaster evaluation of wells and surface water. The MWL is a completely self-contained, rugged, self-sufficient portable lab.
The lab supports complete chemical analysis of:

    • Surface Water, Groundwater/Precipitation
    • Drinking Water, Bottled Water
    • Agricultural Water
    • Urban Water Supplies, Recycled Water
    • General Water Quality
    • Testing in Industrial Processes 
    • Industrial and Wastewater Discharge

The MWL can also be fitted with additional equipment for testing oil and gas produced waters and ‘frack flowback, naturally occurring and incident- resulting radioactive materials in water, and run off from wildfire, flood, and earthquakes.

The IX Power Clean Water Mobile Water Laboratory is the most advanced mobile water analysis lab available.


The MWL Mark I is the only commercial system that builds on years of U.S. national laboratory experience, as well as conforming to U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for laboratory capabilities to respond to drinking water contamination, now adopted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
All IX Power Clean Water Mobile Water Laboratories provide enhanced flexibility for international deployments and transport via shipping container. The IX Power Clean Water Mobile Water Laboratory provides an integrated platform for readiness-response to natural disasters, industrial accidents, or any other incident or event where an analytical laboratory needs to be deployed quickly.
The MWL Mark I is also the perfect solution for educational institutions and training programs that require suitable primary and/or additional lab space.
IX Power Clean Water offers all of these features in a completely integrated and affordable mobile unit.
MWL Mark I Physical Specifications
Length: 28’ / 8.53 m • Width: 8.5’ / 2.59 m • Height: 7’ / 2.134 m
2 Axles, Type: 6,000 lb / 2,722 kg torsion axles
Full perimeter aluminum frame, all tube construction
Dexter torsion axles with electric brakes on all axles
Dual post hydraulic landing gear for gooseneck
16” O/C wall studs, floor cross members, and roof studs
Nitrogen-filled tires w/ steel wheels
One-piece aluminum subfloor vapor barrier, with 3/4” plywood subfloor
Power roof vent
Aluminum skin, insulated screwless/rivetless aluminum exterior
     (Kevlar available)
One piece aluminum roof, arched & trussed walk-on service roof
ATP enclosed riser with 2 storage doors
36” dual entrance doors
     (Crash gates available)
Rear stabilizer jacks (5000#, crank down)
All aluminum & stainless steel cabinetry and work surfaces
240v/100 amp electrical generator and service panel
U.S., U.K., European (or other) GFI wall plugs, as required
LED lighting throughout
5,200 BTU electric heater & refrigerated air conditioning
10 gallon electric hot water heater
3.0 GPM, 12V water pump & fresh water tank
MWL Mark I Analytical Capabilities
The IX Power Clean Water Mobile Water Laboratory is equipped for up to four technicians performing the following analytical testing:
Plant Toxins
Fungal Toxins
Bacterial Toxins
Animal Toxins
Algal Toxins
Ammonia Compounds
Carbamate Pesticides
Mercury Compounds
Fluorinated Organic Compounds
Arsenic Compounds
Organophosphate Pesticides
Heavy Metal Compounds
Chlorinated Organics
Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids
Hydrogen Sulfide
Cyanide Compounds
Agricultural Runoff Products
Nitrogen Compounds
Phosphorous Compounds 
Other Properties
Total Suspended Solids
Specific Conductance
Dissolved Oxygen
Sodium Adsorption Ratio
Alpha Emitters
Beta Emitters
Beta + Gamma Emitters
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
Diesel and Gasoline Range Organics
Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons
The newly-designed MWL Mark II is ideal for long deployments in remote regions and, like the MWL Mark I, it fits neatly into a standard shipping container for easy deployment (Ford F450 not included).


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