IX Water Blü for Drinking Water

Before now, arsenic treatment systems for farms, ranches, and small communities would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. IX Water Blü is a simple machine that adds on to your existing water treatment system and is 100% effective at eliminating arsenic and other metalloids – for less than 8.6 cents per 1,000 gallons.


The challenge with the removal of arsenic, lead, and other contaminants from drinking water is twofold: cost and ease of use.


IX Water Blü solves both of these issues by providing an inexpensive, robust, and easy to use cartridge-based centralized system that treats enough water for a small community, ranch, dairy, or farm. Created to be part of a complete community treatment train, IX Water Blü consists of a series of standardized scalable modules that provide treatment specific to customer needs without the costs and uncertainty of investing in a full-size water treatment plant.


IX Blu modules are charged with the media appropriate to the desired function and outcome, and linked together with standard fittings.



FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE MAY BE AVAILABLE for the installation of your system.  

Visit the IX Power Foundation website.

IX Water Blü Module to eliminate arsenic at 60 gpm. These models can be ganged together or reduced to create greater or lesser throughput. IX Water Blü is based on a simple-to-replace cartridge system. Cartridges of IxMZ media only need replacement three to four times a year and are supplied as part of a IX Water maintenance agreement.

IX Water Blü Brochure for Drinking Water
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IX Water Blü 饮用水手册
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IX Water Blü Intake Form
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Arsenic Exposure

We don't want o be alarmists, but long-term exposure to arsenic leads to skin and other cancers, cognitive development problems, diabetes, stroke, and a host of other illnesses.


The chart below lists the impacts of having arsenic above 10 parts per billion (ppb) in water for drinking, bathing, and general household use. The standard of 10 ppb arsenic is generally used world-wide, but new evidence shows that as little as 5 ppb arsenic can cause these same ill effects. IX Water Blü reduces arsenic to below 5 ppb.

Most Affected Body Parts Lungs, skin, liver, kidneys
Acute Symptoms Vomiting, headaches, confusion, bloody urine, cramping, hair loss, convulsions
Long Term Effects Cancer, skin thickening & pigmentation; damage to nervous system, blood vessels, brain, death
WHO Guideline Values 0.01 mg/l (10 µg/l; approximatley 10 ppb)
Contamination Source Mining, metal refining, timber treatment. Some excessive concentrations naturally-occurring
Countries affected by arsenic in water for drinking, bathing, and household use.

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world are affected by arsenic and other metalloids in their drinking water.


Nearly 20 million people are at risk of arsenic exposure in Europe and in China, and another 13 million U.S.A. residents drink arsenic contaminated water every day. Lead is even more prevalent, with over 120 million Europeans and millions of U.S.A. and Chinese citizens at risk of exposure to levels exceeding regulations. The problem of contaminated water is ever present, and IX Water Blü is part of the solution.

IX Water Blü Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the physical size of the IX Water Blü unit?

39” x 43” x 40” (w x L x H) for the 60 galloon per minute (gpm) system and 39” x 21” x 40” (W x L x H) for the 30 gpm system.


How is IX Water Blü deployed and does it require electricity?

The unit goes at the end of your existing water treatment system and just uses your existing pump to flow water through IX Water Blü. The unit does not require its own power supply.


What does IX Water Blü cost?

This depends on your needs. The 60 gpm system retails for $18,500 and the 30 gpm system retails for $9,250.


Leasing, rentals, and subsidies are available for those that qualify. Information is available from the Company. These programs are administered through IX Power Foundation, Inc., an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


How long does it last before needing a replacement?

Depends on water quality, but usually three to four times a year, but no more than once a month for even very high concentrations of contaminants. Replacement cartridges are shipped to you and then you return the used ones to the Company in the same packaging. Simple!


How do I order IX Water Blü?

We need to know what’s in your water, so recent chemical analysis is important. It is also helpful if we get an idea of your current or proposed treatment system. Please download, save, complete, and email the Intake form found on this page, above.


How is IX Water Blü installed?

Although a local handy person can do the job, we recommend a 3rd party plumbing service.



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